february 17th - march 1st 2005

Any space – and especially D624 - carries a number of potential functions and uses before it is assigned one. Artist Lisa Sepirgioti and theorist Kostis Stafilakis will occupy D624 project space for three weeks and, with a minimum of means but definite intentions, they will alter its function, engage reactions and take notes.

Litsa Sepirgioti's transformation of the project space with her white ‘cotton' and pins installation will not only be a material and physical intervention, it will radically change how we perceive and respond to the space itself. Kostis Stafilakis will record, document and reflect on these responses. The project will engage everyone coming into visual or physical contact with the installation by accident and by intention – from passerby and neighbors to dedicated art visitors.

The motivation of both artists is to engage in a dialogue with their surrounding environment. Everyone is invited to take part in the project by responding to it in writing, images, through interviews, video, photograph, by sending emails, letters. All forms of reactions will be recorded and kept. They will be archived on the D624 website for consultation and further responses, and become the subject of a final publication. The intervention will develop into a project of wider scope as the collected materials will be used for re-exhibition and re-circulation throughout the area of Psirri.

Please call 6946292763 or send an email at info@d624.org for further information and press material.