march 17th - march 31st 2005

Giorgos Tserionis' work focuses on issues about the cycle of life and death. He believes in a beginning and in an end of all things, not on a linear axis but in a cyclic never-ending spiral. He believes in reincarnation.

Likewise his installation at D624 will be born and will die. He created the project specifically for the site and will destroy it at the end of the viewing time. The thematic and imagery of this work will certainly reappear, be reincarnated somewhere else, at another time in a different form. Things repeat themselves in a way that they are never quite the same but never quite different either.

On the pale blue color of infinity, the immediate icons of life and death a foetus and a skull will be juxtaposed, overlapping, and trapped behind a cobweb-like menacing spiral. Poetic and frightening. Laughters and cries, footsteps and violins - a sound piece created by musician Nikos Vassiliou in collaboration with Giorgos Tserionis - will echo this ironic fragility of existence in reminiscence of the ultimate beauty of moments past, remembered, and eternal.

Please call 6946292763 or send an email at info@d624.org for further information and press material.