april 1st - 19th 2005

Kryonidis-Kryonidis, the endangered artist. The artist as animal.

Well actually, meeting Nikos Kryonidis is a little like' (or not unlike) encountering a cat: he has the demure attitude of a feline - seemingly tamed but resolutely free he defines the rules and in a soft spoken manner makes sure things happen his way. His installation at D624 is a good opportunity to catch a glimpse of him in action, as for 19 days he will be like a lion in a cage, so to speak.

Each and every day at noon the artist will come to the d624 project space and make a new installation of his work. Thus, the work will evolve day by day, and something of the previous days will always be carried into the next, creating a link and marking the passage of time but also luring the curiosity of the few who will actually see each of the 19 installations. Krionidis' artwork is just like life, in constant evolution, never an end in itself but a game worth playing with utmost seriousness. As a matter of fact you are also invited to bring him food!

His installations at first seem very direct but they have developed from an intricate accumulation of references and symbols that he draws from. Nikos Kryonidis works with animals, not real, plastic ones, toys, that he pairs, groups, arranges and disarranges in complex compositions together with other knickknacks, sometimes telling stories, most often just giving clues, leaving the viewer with a riddle to figure out for himself.

Please call 6946292763 or send an email at info@d624.org for further information and press material.