may 5th to june 8th 2005

Pavlos Nikolakopoulos will turn D624 into a cage and put a man inside it, squatting, vulnerable and defensive.

The cage is the entrapped mind. The man is trapped in a decadent civilization, that of Europe.

The European man has grown old; he is degenerating, consumed by his own consumption. In our society we have everything, indeed much more than we need. While in fear of losing our vested interests we become passive when faced with a potential loss of opulence. We are, therefore, unable both to fight for our desires and to defend ourselves by safeguarding them. We are victims of extreme refinement and civilization.

Pavlos Nikolakopoulos makes a sharp comment on our European society today. He finds it incapable of standing up against the young, ambitious and obsessive ‘rulers'.

And you, what are you ruled by?