performance june 11th 2005 at 9:30pm
video of performance on view until june 16th

Yiannis Melanitis will use the main structural characteristic of D624 as a vitrine and turn it into an open laboratory, where he will perform his alchemistic act. This will be the presentation of a work in progress, of an experiment. Three main elements - sulfur, salt and mercury representing respectively north, southwest and southeast - will be mixed together under the action of the public, who will trigger the mechanism, and through the intermediation of a woman. The female body functions as an intermediate apparatus in the mixture of nature's elements. She is a conductor. The blown glass extension that conducts the elements is merely an external visualisation of her internal organs. The entire presentation, lasting approximately 20 minutes, will be much closer to a ritual than a performance. It will be filmed and a video projection will be presented the following days.