june 23rd to july 7th 2005
opening 23rd at 8pm
open access tuesday - saturday till 4pm

Some have guessed, most have asked, the code D624 denominates an existing asteroid, an elongated small planet circling the solar system. Here in Athens, it stands for a free space left to you to be defined.

Aliki Palaska will make a site-specific installation of seemingly random objects. Upon our viewing relations are created between these objects sharing the same space, tension appears.

She is relating this installation to Hubble's law. In 1929, Edwin Hubble proposed a law based on a study of the light received from the distant galaxies. According to this law, all galaxies are flying away from each other at tremendous speed as the fabric of space they occupy stretches, such that the greater the distance between any two galaxies, the greater their relative speed of separation.