25 – 31 August 2005
use of empty POP UPS in various gallery websites around the area of D624 in Athens and throughout Europe, which will stand for no value - a blank POP UP is not advertising anything. The act aims on stressing their existence and function and also place in a common artistic environment art spaces that basically work individually. The names of the collaborating galleries will be displayed (advertised) on the wall of the D624 space.

1 – 7 September 2005
use of POP UPS on the D624 website, not as commercial windows but as a parallel digital art space, thus transforming a commercial space into an artistic environment. During this time the “actual” art pieces will be exhibited at the D624 art space.

8 – 14 September 2005 presentation of iconic empty pop ups as a digital pirate interference on various famous art-related websites worldwide. THe printed video stills will be exhibited in the D624 space and the video presentation will take place on the 14th of september at 20:30 


august 25th to september 14th 2005
opening august 25th at 8:30pm
open access monday - saturday till 4pm
and by appointment 6948084705

"What drew our attention in D624 was the transformation of a window screen to an art space, that basically works as a center point rather than an exhibition space. A dynamic extrovert force.

The examination of the characteristics of the space, its purpose concerning the way art is being exploited and the effect this has on contemporary art "production" triggered us to form the "pop up" project."

What is the "pop up" project?

The "pop up" project is an attempt to find a correlation between the actual space and a digital interactive environment (the internet) and create a parallel space, a parallel reality. POP UPS (commercial windows) appear as pirate ads in various websites and are most often annoying to users.

The project will be developed in three stages:

On the first week empty pop up windows will appear on many art gallery websites. During the second week iconic pop ups will invade the pages of D624's own website. And finally on the last and third week a virtual pirate action on major art-related websites around the world will be projected on the D624 space.