december 3rd 2005 9pm

A bed, a little light, an icon. A familiar environment. Intimate. Private. Our own bedroom, the bedroom of our friends or partners, hotel bedrooms, our grandparents' bedrooms, imagined or remembered bedrooms. A place, so many places, unique each in their own way while all so similar, identical. A place where we spend much of our life and most of it dreaming, when not copulating under the benevolent gaze of the virgin Mary, the compassionate son and the holy spirit.

PIKE is inviting you to dream to escape for a moment in a dreamlike state and ponder the questions of sacrament. The setting is put and the sequence of projected images is demanding you to pause and reflect on religion, yours, mine or else. Which ever the religion and which ever its icon, it is there in close proximity overlooking, protecting the very place of our most intimate passions.

Nightly prayer required.