december 8th 2005 to january 8th 2006
opening thursday 8th at 8pm
open access monday - saturday till 4pm

"A land of escape. Escaping to a fantasy world of green grass, rabbit dogs, cow dogs and saturated flowers. A sugar sweet land, over the top in its narrative and plastic structure."

Christina Darra's world bring us back to a stage in our childhood, when we still had access, freely, unconsciously, to endless streams of imaginations and colorful deliriums inhabited by the most startling characters of our own invention ungoverned by any logic or sense of righteousness.

But she creates it as an adult. Unlike most of us, she kept the door cracked opened to this part of genuine unfettered creativity and she draws from it situations that enable us to take refuge. To escape in her enchanted gardens. Or is it so? Is her world so rose as it first seems? Her rabbit sits all on his own, his big droopy eyes nonchalantly starring beyond the surrounding dancing toys, in a deep state of loneliness. How much would we like to be the rabbit be taken away from our anxieties and stressed guilty lives and dropped in wonderland - or how much are we the rabbit already impassive to the multitude of entertainments and beautifications that we obsessively produce and surround ourselves with?

"This piece of work is a denial. It refuses to be provocative. It refuses to grow up. It refuses to be serious. "