january 20th to march 5th 2006
opening friday 20th at 8pm
open access monday - saturday till 4pm

Considering the raft that Ulysses has built and taking this floating structure as the symbol of a journey, the beginning of a journey, Philippos Theodorides questions and comments upon the ideas of journey, nostalgia and memory.

In the installation, a raft will be suspended floating above a sea of coal. Coal was chosen as a medium which carries memory, being wood then coal and then ashes, it represents the three stage of past, present and future.

The representation of the raft, hovering like a ghost, a forgotten memory above a sea which has dried out, illustrates a journey which was considered, thought of, planned but never made, a personal odyssey which never begun.

Nostalgia is the reason why Ulysses starts his journey and the main theme in his odyssey. Nostos becomes a notion of thought and remembrance.