Maria Konti

opening Thursday april 27 th at 8pm
installation from April 27 th to May 27 th 2006
open access Monday to Saturday all day until 4pm

Never before has D624 received a project that establishes so directly a link between the space, its function and the public in the mediation of an artist's work.

Maria Konti will use D624 to dismantle her archive of drawings, paintings and sketches that she accumulated over a ten-year period as a student. By dismantling she means that, what she has kept over the years will be taken apart by a wide audience (of friends, art lovers, passersby, curious, collectors, etc.) attracted by small advertisings in several newspapers and on a word of mouth basis.

We commonly understand the action of dismantling as taking something apart but primarily, from mantle the old French word for cloak, it means to uncover, and thus to reveal in the process of doing so. By allowing people to take her work home with them, Maria Konti will finally allows these works to exist. An act braver than it seems, as they will leave her own hands simultaneously as they come to existence. It is an act of generosity as only artists can do but an act in return for which she will be freed of the weight of her own early production while giving it a new meaning. Turning it into a work of art per se as each separated drawing will individually become the testament of an archive, which will no longer exist in its entirety but in scattered pieces. A collective ubiquitous archive. Each work will bear the trace of this act - a stamp and a number. All she will keep is a list.

Thus it is the audience, invited and enticed by the artist, that will become so to speak creator and bearer of the work of art. The D624 space, transformed into a temporary storage space, will be, for the duration it takes all the archive to be dismantled, the depository of a work in becoming. It will be the context and setting of its metamorphosis, and provide it with a necessary public validation.