1st presentation
opening wednesday june 21st at 8pm
events and presentations all summer - for info call 6936764661

Post Programmed City_Territory is a collaborative project that consist of a series of cultural activities, which are devices of interaction with the territory and public events concentrated on Emergency Case Situations as seen at the settlement of the repatriated community in Farkadona, in the district of Trikala, Thessaly-Greece.

The settlement was created in the early 90s for repatriated Greek Pontians from the former Soviet Union as a result of a state policy of peripheral dispersion of refugees to organized camps and units. The settlement was based on an existing military camp infrastructure in the community of Farkadona. Prefabricated containers previously used by the earthquake victims were transported there. Fourteen years after their rehabilitation, the residents of the community still live under conditions of degradation, ghettoïzation and exception.

The participants investigate with the inhabitants of the community methods that initiate ideas and practices to enhance the process of auto-organization and the notion of the community as space of production and transformation, focusing mainly on the emergence of their cultural identity through cultural activities, on the development of the possibility to find occupation and create new models of micro-economy and on the production of new forms of relationship distribution .

At the moment, PPC_T is programming an interdisciplinary workshop that is taking place in Farkadona during June 2006. It is based on practices of auto-organization under the concept that this new era of digital environments provides news ways of sharing immaterial productions. These new cultural products don't lose quality in reproduction whereas they're establishing new values and new possibilities of solidarity all around the world: videos, audios, texts can be shared and freely accessed. Running under free software, recycled computers serve as a methodological tool for the communities to understand how technology can be part of their lives and improve the material exchanges envisioning a new way of collaborative cultural production that neglects distributors and editors.

We have defined a particular space in the camp - in a building already used as a cultural center by the community - that is now hosting a recycled computer lab (in collaboration with GAMB+I (Gruppo Autodidata Metodologia Bem + Intelligentes) c omposed of carlos Paulino/hacker, Ottavio Savietto/video artist, Thiago Novaes/anthropologist). GAMB+I is building information correctional machines with recycled materials using social technology in collaboration with the community of the works they produced using recycled PC's and free software. Both citizens and municipality believe that it is important to reactivate this space towards the common good. It will also host activities of collaborative design and production of clothing (in collaboration with Walid Maw'ed, Watercollection.net) and jewelry (in collaboration with Aliaa el Gready/Gudran, Foundation for Art and Development). Together with the community, we will search for possibilities to establish the ways in which the local production can be redefined. It is a collaborative process of getting familiar and creative with new technologies, arts and crafts that will investigate possibilities of new production approaches through the acts of recording, editing (with FOSS), publishing (sharing) and licensing (creativecommons.org).

In this sense, the Farkadona case can serve as an experimental model for researching the possibilities of applying this method to other communities that live more or less in the same context of marginality and exclusion.

On june 21 st , there will be the first presentation in Athens of the result of this interdisciplinary workshop will at D624. An interactive screening of videos and music by GAMB+I as well as products of anti-global craft, jewelry, clothing, etc.

More info and access spot: www.ppc_t.gr

PPC_T team is: Yannis Arvanitis, Attasha, Elias Charis, Insectos Tropicales, Aliki Kakoulidou, Agis Kolyvas, Mihalis Kyriazis, Carlos Paulino, Otavio Savietto, Lorena Tselemengou, Fay Tsitou /Divers, Anna Vasof. Coordinators: Hariklia Hari, Thiago Novaes

In collaboration with:
Filippo Fabbrica, Cittadellarte/Fondazione Pistoletto.

With the support of:
The Hellenic Linux User Group (HEL.L.U.G) that decisively contributed to the creation of the activity center providing the recycled computers and supporting FOSS, the Wireless Athens Metropolitan Network (W.A.M.N) that made the wireless connection for the community possible, the Larissa Contemporary Art Center, the Association of Pontians and repatriated Greek-Pontians the “Argonauts”, the Municipality of Farkadona and the Prefecture of Trikala.

Thanks to META architectural office, Yorgos Kelefis, Dany Stilidis, Olga Venetsanou for “recycling” digital equipment for the community.

Special thanks to Leonidas Beltsios, Spyros Papadopoulos and Yorgos Tzirtzilakis.