Litsa Sepyrgioti
june guest artist Makis Kyriakopoulos
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saturday june 23rd 20h30

hours tuesdays and thursdays 18:30 to 20:30
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After a year and a half of existence and very diverse and challenging proposals, D624 is presenting an original long-term project undertaken by artist Litsa Sepyrgioti.

It is perhaps not coincidental that Litsa Sepyrgioti was the first artist, along with Kostas Stafylakis, to intervene in the D624 space. Again she makes a step forward and inaugurates a rather different type of site-specific proposition.

Her project entitled shop window will evolve throughout the course of one year during which she will run a shop. Not any kind of shop, one based on the system of exchange, thus creating a specific setting of interaction between the artist and the public. “It will be a work of art in which many take part, simultaneously a workshop place, an evolving installation and a site for performance.” It can be assimilated to a second-hand shop, albeit not one based on a monetary value system, but more specifically, it will be a participatory art project in the form of a shop.

People will bring personal belongings, which will be recorded and documented along with the story behind each object given. In turn people may take away another object. The objects, the people, the stories – carefully collected in written, photographs and video will become part of a growing archive, an anthropological notebook about personal narratives.

This proposition is anchored in experience. Having drawn the first principles of actions, it will invariably grow into something that the artist might not even foresee. This makes it a particular challenge that will have to be rooted in extreme discipline and open-mindedness alike. During the year specific events will take place and Litsa Sepyrgioti will also be host to other artists' projects in a collaborative manner.

As a result the archive will be printed in the form of a catalogue raisonné or more apropos perhaps we can say a mail order catalogue and some of the visual material will be exhibited in a venue other than D624. We will then draw comments on production and consumption of art works and other commodities, on the nature of art works as product and as concept.